It takes courage to stick to your values in critical times, but only then it really matters.

This is what Bill McDermott, the American CEO of the Germany-based global Software leader SAP wrote to all its employees: 
“Dear colleagues,
Many of you have asked about the new immigration policies recently announced in the United States. I thought it might be helpful to simply share with you what we have said directly to our colleagues who are affected.  
In summary: every single one of us, all 84,000 people of SAP, will always stand up for each other. We will protect each other’s human rights and reject any attempt to discriminate on any basis. As a proud citizen of the United States, I believe in its beautiful civic and cultural fabric, undeniably stitched together by immigrants from every corner of the world. America will find its way back to its original identity – a dream built on opportunity and equality for all. 
If you’re scared, stay strong. If you’re frustrated, stay active. If you have questions, Stefan and our entire HR team are on alert to support you. 
To all our nervous families wondering about your place in the world, we are always in your corner. You are exactly where you belong and we are so proud to call you neighbors, colleagues and friends.
Very best regards,
SAP is extremely successful AND sticks to its values. The best-run companies run this way. And Bill McDermott is clearly one of the brave leaders in these difficult times.

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